Trigger Point Massage—Getting to the Root of the Problem

Do ever you have a literal pain in your neck? That one spot that just kills—it radiates up to your head or down your shoulder? Maybe you don’t even know where the offending spot is, but you feel the effects of it in your head or elsewhere.

Trigger points (sites) are tight spots in a muscle that causes pain and discomfort in other areas. This is sometimes called “referred pain”—meaning the pain you feel is actually coming from another location, although the trigger point itself can also be very painful. The trigger point can be in any muscle—neck, back, legs, arms, etc, and radiate to a variety of other muscles. The pain can be stabbing, dully, throbbing, or just plain ache.

Trigger Point therapy is designed to locate the offending source and relieve it through a targeted pressure and release process. The therapist will often ask the client to participate in this process by taking deep breaths at strategic times.

Many patients notice immediate relief after a treatment. For those with a chronic trigger point, repeated treatments may be needed to achieve long term relief.

As with most of our massages, trigger point therapy is usually combined with a mixture of other techniques customized to the particular need of the patient. Please feel free to tell your therapist where you are experiencing pain or discomfort and where you are in need of the greatest relief. This will help her customize your massage for optimal results.