Sports Massage—Keep Those Muscle Limber

Sports massage is a form of Swedish massage customized to athletes. It focuses on increasing blood and lymphatic fluid flow and reducing and eliminating pain by relaxing muscles and locating trigger points. When muscle tension and tightness is reduced range of motion is increased.

There are 4 common types of sports massage:

  • Pre-event
  • Post-event
  • Restorative
  • Rehabilitative

Athletes use the pre-event sports massage right before an event to relax the muscles and increase fluid flow to encourage optimal results.

Post-event sports massage is recommended after an event or as maintenance for full-time athletes. This massage helps calm irritated muscles, helps the body transition out of the intensity of an event, and encourages ongoing flexibility. The increase in fluid flow helps sore and damaged areas to heal.
Restorative sports massage is used help restore damaged and tired muscles. As its name suggests, this massage’s goal is to help restore injured muscles and reduce tension in areas that are upset. This one is more common if the pre-event and post-event massages have not been regularly used.
Rehabilitative sports massage is common in athletes that have not taken care of their muscles or have had a specific injury. This massage aims to restore function and range of motion after loss. Ongoing treatments have helped athletes compete again.