About Touch of Therapy Massage

Our Mission is to provide professionaltherapeutic massage to help people feel better.

We believe massage is healing.

I’ve been asked many times why I became a massage therapist. When people are in pain, they are not themselves. Being in pain for long periods of time can change people’s personality, behavior and outlook. It usually not only affects them, but the people around them as well. Often it’s the ones that love them the most that are affected the most.

I have experienced this first and second hand. I grew up with a mom who suffered with migraines for years. Watching her suffer day after day was hard. I knew then that I wanted to help her and others improve their health.

Surgeries have left my body with scar tissue and adhesions. The pain from pre-surgery mixed with the damaging results of a surgery cause a lot of problems. I also have a sister who battles daily with pain brought on by a variety of chronic conditions. It hurts me to see people suffer… and if I can relieve that suffering in any way, I will have fulfilled my mission.

This is what gave birth to Touch of Therapy Massage. It’s my gift to use for others. It’s a talent God has placed on my hands. I see it as my calling and I’ve been privileged to learn from some of the best teachers and mentors. I will always continue to learn and grow…that is my promise to you.

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